2014-2015 Volleyball Officials Examination

The purpose of this examination is to measure knowledge and application of volleyball rules as outlined by the 2011-12 National Federation Rules Book and IGHSAU Supplemental Adaptations. Questions asked in the examination were selected from material in the 2011-12 National Federation Rules Book, the 2011 IGHSAU Rules Meeting, and the IGHSAU Supplemental Adaptations.

The Examination and tournament availability is due September 7, 2011. You may use the 2011-12 NFHS Volleyball Rules Book and Adaptation Sheet for this test.

You are only allowed to take the exam three times.

All new officials and those officials desiring to work IGHSAU-sponsored tournaments must complete the examination and attend a Volleyball Rules Meeting.

Passing mark is 75%. Your test score will not be processed until registration form and fee is received in our office. If you need to register, you can download a registration form or directly register online at the IGHSAU website (www.ighsau.org).

When taking the test, other than information in the question, assume all play is legal.

Officials desiring to work in the 2011 tournament series must submit the availability form when test is submitted (only those passing the examination will be able to submit the availability form).

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