Weekly Training Tip #22 - Anchor Drill

The anchor drill is used to break down side to side change of direction mechanics. It is used to create inside and outside pressure across the feet, preparing shin angles for an initial horizontal push off with good knee drive into a sprint. It also works an athlete's ability to turn their hips from a square stance to an open hip run and/or sprint. We see similar mechanics transitioning from shuffles to sprints in opposite directions as well as sharp lateral change of directions in sport. Anchor drills help to improve the 5-10-5 pro agility test. It loads the legs in an isolated position similar to what we see at each change of direction, and improves an athlete's ability to drive out properly. Anchor drills are great for athletes of all ages and can still be incorporated with any solid structure. Additionally, have your athlete hold a partner's hands at waist height to encourage lowering the hips. On a command, they will release into the drill.

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