Media Credential Information for State Volleyball

Please read carefully

IGHSAU Policy on Requesting State Tournament Credentials:The Iowa Girls’ High School Athletic Union shall grant, at the discretion of management, media access credentials for its state championship events to radio, television, print and on-line media to those organizations or companies which routinely provide coverage during regular season play for either teams or individuals which are participating in the tournament, or which regularly offer general coverage of the sport.  The number of credentials issued to each organization or company shall be held to the discretion of management.  Private talent evaluators, scouting services, etc. shall not be granted access to areas of any venue restricted for media access.

Media wishing to cover the 2019 Iowa State Volleyball Tournament need to email their requests to Heidi Reed at  by Noon,  Thursday, November 7.   You will receive an email confirmation from Heidi when your email is received. Please be cognizant of this deadline. Anyone making media requests after the Nov. 7th deadline will have to purchase a ticket for their first-round match.

IGHSAU/IHSAA All-Tournament Passes: Media that received the 2019-2020 Tournament pass do not need to request credentials. However, it is helpful to let us know if you plan to cover the tournament. A reminder: The media area, materials and credentials are intended for working media. Do not abuse this privilege. Please limit your requests to actual working media members.

Parking: There is no designated parking lot for media. Please allow yourself plenty of time to park.

Media Check-in: Passes may be picked up by coming through the US Cellular main entrance.You will see the press table straight ahead as you enter the building (As you enter, the ticket windows will be on your left). Your name will be on a checklist and Heidi will give you your credentials and materials when you check in. The media room is right next to Heidi’s check-in table.

Statistics & Interviews: We will be bringing coaches and three players to the interview room next door from the media work room (Taft A). This is the designated area to conduct your interviews. Please do not hold up the process by trying to interview coaches on the court or outside the designated interview area.The media workroom will have statistics available after each match. Statistics will be posted on the IGHSAU website. 

Phone Line Order Information:  Media requesting analog phone lines will need to download an order form and send it directly to Century Link. To download this form, click here. The estimated cost per line is $125.

High School Newspaper and Yearbook Staffs: School publications must email their requests to by Noon. Thursday, November 7.  These requests must come from a school administrator. Student publications must purchase a ticket and present it to the personnel at the media check-in table to exchange credentials.

Radio Stations: Radio stations will be allowed to originate a live broadcast of an IGHSAU Iowa High School State Tournament/Playoff/Championship/ Event/Meet for the following rights fees:Volleyball – $150.00 per match. LIVE AUDIO STREAMING, AUDIO ARCHIVING OR DELAYED AUDIO REPLAY OF THE BROADCAST IS ALLOWED. Specialized radio or television broadcasts or acquiring content for live or delayed broadcasts may be subject to a rights fee charge. There is no charge for live updates of an IGHSAU Iowa High School State Tournament/Playoff/Championship/Event. A live update is a broadcast from a station representative with press credentials that takes no longer than five minutes per hour and does not include “play by play” coverage during the update. ALL CHECKS SHOULD BE MADE PAYABLE TO THE IOWA GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC UNION (IGHSAU) AND MUST BE PRESENTED WHEN PICKING UP YOUR MEDIA CREDENTIALS.

 Feel free to call or e-mail Jason if you have any further questions or concerns.

I look forward to seeing everyone in Cedar Rapids next week.  

Jason Eslinger