6/22/18 Softball Memo

Thank You Hosts
Thank you to all of the schools and hosts for this year's softball regional games.  The IGHSAU recognizes the work and effort it takes to host tournament events and we are very thankful for all of the administrators, coaches and staff willing to take on these extra responsibilities.  All of that work does not go unnoticed and really helps make the tournament experience the best for all of our Iowa Girls.

Umpire Evaluations
Thanks to all the coaches who provided evaluation of umpires on the QuikStats site.  The information is very valuable to the assigner for tournament assignments.  Umpire evaluations will continue throughout the regular season.  Each crew will also be evaluated at the state tournament.

Update QuikStats
Coaches are reminded to update QuikStats by noon the day after a regional tournament game.

Regional Manual
The 2018 Regional Softball Manual is posted on line on the IGHSAU web site here: 2018 Softball Manual.  Please refer to it for hosting guidelines and policies for 2018 softball regionals.

Safety Requirements
As schools prepare to host post-season regionals, please conduct a review of your facilities to make sure everything is in good working condition and will provide a safe environment for the all participants, staff and fans.  Bleacher and permanent seating must meet applicable local and national safety requirements for structure, guardrails, handrails and openings.  School districts are responsible for inspection and certification of safety requirements when serving as a host site for the IGHSAU.

Tournament Managers
Please become familiar with tournament administration policies and procedures when hosting regional games for the IGHSAU. Here is a list of a few of the important ones.  Please check the manual for more information.  Please view the  Tournament Manager Checklist

  • Do not postpone or reschedule any tournament games without first contacting the IGHSAU. Please familiarize yourself with the lightning and weather delay protocols.
  • Please contact the school assigned to your site and provide directions to field, start time and other visiting team information
  • Contact your officials and provide location of field, start time, parking, administrator contact information, etc. Officials are listed in Arbiter or call the IGHSAU.
  • The IGHSAU pays for all officials. You are free to provide water, Gatorade and/or food to officials if you chose.
  • All games are 7 innings unless shortened by weather or the run rules in place.
  • If the host team is playing (non-neutral site), they are the home team and wear light jerseys and occupy their normal dugout. If a neutral site is hosting, the top team in the bracket is the home team and occupies the third base dugout.
  • Admission is $6 per person. Children not yet in school are not charged.  Administrator passes are honored, same as regular season. Signs are posted are in the IGHSAU website for you to print out and post.   Admission Sign
  • Use the softball required: Dudley SB 12L RF Y FP.
  • Preferred start time of games is 7 p.m.
  • Pre-game infield is allowed during regional games-7-minute time limit.
  • Please ensure that the public address announcer checks on name pronunciations and is impartial and non-biased (same for both teams). Same for any music that is played.
  • Banners, balloons, signs or confetti are prohibited, as are artificial noisemakers.
  • No alcohol or tobacco.
  • Pets are prohibited except for service or assisted animals.
  • Host school may provide programs for sale or on a gratis basis.
  • If you wish the IGHSAU to send roll tickets for admission, please contact Sherry at the IGHSAU. It is permissible to utilize your own roll tickets as well.  Hosts receive 20% of the gate receipts. Financial Form
  • Please report the score following each regional game on tourney machine. Once entered, the score is pushed out onto social media on the IGHSAU Twitter account. Score Reporting

Rules of Play

National Federation Softball Rules with Iowa Adaptations will be utilized during all rounds of the 2018 Softball Tournament.

  • All regional tournament games will be seven innings unless the game is tied, is terminated prior to seven innings due to the margin-of-runs rule, or terminated for other reasons by decision of the umpire-in-chief.
  • The margin-of-runs rule to be observed in regional play is as follows: a 12-run differential after 3 or 4 innings (2.5 or 3.5 innings if the home team is leading by 12 or more runs) and a 10-run differential rule after 5 or 6 innings (4.5 or 5.5 innings if the home team is leading by 10 or more runs).
  • The international tiebreaker and time limit options are not used during regional play. The international tiebreaker and 90-minute time limit will be used in consolation bracket and third place games at the state tournament.

Regional Sites

Tournament sites are tentative and subject to change depending on the participating teams. Regional finals will be played at the softball facility of the higher seed (best seed) of the remaining two teams in each region, if the softball facility meets minimum requirements.  Seeding will be based on the final regular season IGHSAU softball rankings. The IGHSAU reserves the right to switch tournament sites for geographic, capacity or administrative reasons.

State Pairings
2018 state tournament pairings will be made available on the IGHSAU website upon completion of all regional final contests in each class. Pairings will be made based on the final IGHSAU rankings of the qualifying teams. In the case of multiple unranked teams qualifying in a class, the following tie breaker will be used to determine the higher seed:

  • Winner of head-to-head competition during the regular season
  • Better record against common opponents during the regular season
  • Better overall winning percentage
  • Higher team ranking during the regular season
  • Coin flip

State Tournament Information
Prior to the semifinal round of regional play, information will be posted on the IGHSAU website explaining all state tournament protocol and information. A packet of information about the state tournament in Ft. Dodge will also be provided to the regional final winner at that site. Regional final hosts will receive a packet from the IGHSAU with the state banner, Ticket punched sign, medals and information for teams advancing to state.

State Tournament Tickets
On-line tickets through GoFan will be available beginning July 9 for all state tournament games.
Information will be sent to ADs qualifying for the state tournament for purchase of on line tickets to share with fans and parents.