Media Credentials

The IGHSAU shall grant, at the discretion of management, media access credentials for its state championship events to radio, television, print and online media to those organizations or companies which routinely provide coverage during regular season play for either teams or individuals that are participating in the tournament, or which regularly offer general coverage of the sport. The number of credentials issued to each organization or company shall be held to the discretion of management.  Private talent evaluators, scouting services, etc. shall not be granted access to areas of any venue restricted for media access.

2020 State Volleyball Media Information

IGHSAU Postseason Lead-Up Event Live Video Broadcasting

Media outlets and interested schools or individuals may apply to the IGHSAU regarding video broadcasting access at select postseason lead-up events while following procedures required for access.

Advertising, Sponsorships & Other Partnerships

The IGHSAU, either directly or indirectly through its agents, shall not enter into advertising agreements, sponsorships or any other partnership with organizations or companies primarily involved in gambling or gambling related activities, including lotteries.

The IGHSAU, either directly or indirectly through its agents, shall not accept advertising or sponsorships or partner in any other manner with organizations or companies which promote alcohol or alcohol-related products, tobacco or tobacco-related products, or any other products that are not legal for possession or consumption by individuals ages 18 and under, or which negatively impact the best interests of its member schools or interscholastic athletics.