Iowa girls high school tennis begins with the first practices taking place March 11 and first matches beginning on March 17. Tennis has two classes, with the largest 48 schools playing in class 2A and the remaining schools playing in class 1A. The regional individual tournament will be held on May 6. Regional team meets are held May 10 and 14.

 The Iowa Girls State Singles and Doubles Tennis Tournament dates are as follows:

  • Class 1A:  May 24-25 in Des Moines at Waveland Tennis Courts
  • Class 1A: May 24-25 in Iowa City at the University of Iowa Tennis Center

The Iowa Girls High School State Team Tournament dates are as follows:

  • Class 1A: May 18, 20 (home sites) and May 29
  • Class 2A: May 18 (home sites) and May 29

 For questions about the tennis season, please contact Erin Gerlich at [email protected].