IGHSAU Strategic Plan

Adopted by the IGHSAU Board of Directors

Mission Statement

The mission of the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union is to govern fair, safe and sportsmanlike interscholastic competition in a manner which emphasizes the educational enhancement of all participants.

Environmental Analysis

The Athletic Union is committed to monitoring, analyzing and understanding the changing environment in which it operates. In doing so, it will adjust its operations and outcomes to address the needs of its member schools. The Athletic Union also recognizes it will have little if any impact on this changing environment. Environmental factors include:

  • Changing demographic trends related to student population
  • Aging of population of coaches, officials and administrators
  • Impact (positive and negative) of school district reorganization including increased academic opportunities, decreased activity opportunities because of fewer teams, games, etc., greater costs due to increased travel distances
  • Impact of Federal and State regulations on member schools
  • Continued impact of participation opportunities outside of school programs
  • Actions of the State Board of Education and/or State Legislature.
  • Budget restraints at the local level 

In addition to these external environmental factors, the Athletic Union must carefully assess internal factors, both present and future, including:

  • Promote Coaches and Officials Education
  • Reduction of funds due to consolidation of schools
  • Staff tenure and establishment of “succession plan” 


No long-range plan will be successful if the assumptions on which it is based are not clearly stated. The assumptions we have considered include:

  • Promote Coaches and Officials Education
  • The Athletic Union will continue its commitment of providing high quality tournament series in each of the activities it sponsors
  • The Athletic Union will continue its commitment of providing high quality services to its member schools, coaches, officials and activity program administrators
  • The Athletic Union will continue to be one of four organizations authorized by the Department of Education through a 28E agreement to govern interscholastic activities in Iowa
  • The Athletic Union will receive no appropriation of funds. Rather, the majority of operational funds will continue to be derived from existing sources such as tournament attendance receipts, registration fees and vendor rights fees
  • The Athletic Union will continue to financially support the Iowa High School Speech Association including contributions such as office space and associated incidentals
  • Existing tournament co-sponsorships with the Iowa High School Athletic Association will be maintained 


 In this area of the strategic plan, we outline specific, achievable and measurable objectives for all aspects of our organization.

  • Provide educationally-based resources for activities supported by IGHSAU
  • Provide opportunities for member schools to have input in Athletic Union operations
  • Continue efforts to pursue additional sports that would be beneficial to the Iowa Girl
  • The Athletic Union will monitor ticket revenue and monitor allowances paid to state tournament participating teams
  • Increase involvement with strategic partners to provide member schools and students with additional benefits and resources
  • Promote and enhance educational opportunities for coaches and officials
  • Improve sportsmanship among all stakeholders


For each objective, specific enabling strategies are written. These are the steps that will be necessary to achieve each objective.

  • Ensure educational basis
  • Provide data to address the benefits of student participation in interscholastic activities
  • Ensure input
  • Gather input from the membership, compile results and report back to the membership
  • Continue involvement of the Representative Council in the policy making process including but not limited to regularly scheduled meetings between members of the Board of Directors and their respective Representative Council members
  • Maintain advisory committee composition; offer application opportunities to all member school coaches, while at the same time assuring diversity and balance of gender, races, urban/rural, etc
  • Provide information to member schools and public through the web site and other forms of social media 
  • Promote the accessibility of IGHSAU staff, i.e, AEA superintendent meetings, IHSADA meetings, pre-season parents meetings, etc.
  • Promote the “Iowa Girl” and the IGHSAU brand — past, present, and future
  • Increase participation rates
  • Monitor existing programs and consider sanction of new programs
  • Provide education to member schools regarding participation opportunities, ie…co-op sharing, whole-grade sharing, etc.
  • Increase revenue and optimize expenses
  • Develop new marketing opportunities
  • Maximize revenue opportunities from contracts, i.e., balls, apparel, etc.
  • Utilize strategic partners to provide services
  • Continue to evaluate financial assistance paid to schools as a supplement for tournament participation
  • Promote coaches and officials education
  • Maintain and expand the current licensure workshop for coaches
  • Provide ethical and legal updates for coaches and officials
  • Continue use of playing videos to assist coaches and officials
  • Increase sportsmanship awareness
  • Collaborate with local school districts to create local programs to emphasize good sportsmanship


The Athletic Union will set up a system by which the progress in achieving each objective is monitored, and feedback is provided to the appropriate persons.                             

  1. Management and staff will develop an Action Plan in late summer or early fall
  2. Presentation will be made to the combined Representative Council/Board meeting in November
  3. Annual report given to Board during June meeting