Welcome to the IGHSAU Officials site!

The IGHSAU and the IHSAA are pleased to announce a new platform for its sports officials for the 2021-22 school year.

The Iowa Center for Officials Services (ICOS) is the new platform utilizing Dragonfly technology to offer a variety of services to officials-including a "one-stop shop" for both the IGHSAU and the IHSAA:

  • registration for all girls' and boys' sports
  • rules exams
  • educational materials
  • assignments for post season
  • assessments
  • communication and scheduling
  • payments

Dragonfly has also partnered with the NFHS to provide the following NFHS services: exam system, digital rules books and case books, sports specific officiating courses, insurance, information, rules changes, rules interpretations and much more. ICOS registered officials can easily access any of these services by going to the NFHS Officials Hub on the sidebar on the left within your account.

DragonFly will provide videos on how to register in the system as well as other education on components with the new platform.  In addition, DragonFly has a customer service center for officials to contact with any questions and or/issues that arise.  They can be reached at (877)-246-1818 or you can submit a support form.

To begin using DragonFly and register with the IGHSAU/IHSAA, you will need to create an account by following the instructions below.  Bookmark this link as you will need to frequently access your Dragonfly account.

  • Go to https://www.dragonflymax.com/officials
  • To begin creating your DragonFly account, select the Blue Login Button under "All Things in Officiating in One Place", located in the center of the page
  • When prompted, Click the "Get Started" button, and choose your role as a Contest Official
  • To select an association, choose the "IHSAA-IGHSAU | Iowa Center for Officials Services, Des Moines, IA
  • Click "Complete Registration" on your Today page and follow each prompt until you reach 100%.  

If you are a new official interested in becoming a certified official, welcome! We are excited that you want to stay involved in the sport(s) you love and provide a valuable service to our schools and our youth.  You can get back in the game by becoming a licensed official in any of the sports sanctioned by the Iowa Girls’ High School Athletic Union. 

As a licensed official, you not only have the opportunity to earn a little extra money, but also the opportunity to be a positive influence in the lives of our young people.  The hours are somewhat flexible and contracts can be accepted based on your availability.  Officials are a valuable partner in all of our scholastic athletic programs.  You are needed and IGHSAU member schools value your services.

To become an IGHSAU licensed official, you will need to complete the registration process, pass a computer generated open-book exam with a score of 75% or better and view an on-line rules video.  The IGHSAU also offers educational clinics in volleyball, basketball, soccer and softball, which will enable you to qualify for post-season assignments.  Register now to become an IGHSAU certified official!

Registering early ensures that you will receive all correspondence timely and your rulebook prior to the rules meeting and exam being released. 

If you have any questions, please contact Sherry Tegtmeier at [email protected] or 515-401-1839.