What is your favorite part of being a high school coach?

I like to see the kids succeed and improve upon their skills. Those that come out and have never played and to watch them improve is really neat to see.

How has COVID-19 affected the way you coach?

Well, since we are outside we aren't doing too much different. We do socially distance a little bit more. It is harder to coach the kids during changeovers but we make it work.

What have you learned from your time coaching?

You can drill drill drill but it is ultimately the playing of the games that really helps to improve their game.

What are 3 skills you have developed or refined while coaching?

  • The ability to coach them during changeovers.
  • The importance of playing and not as many drills.
  • How to make the connection with the girls to help them to become better athletes but also better students and people.

What advice would you give someone who wants to be a coach?

Have fun with the kids and help them to learn the sport you coach. They really do want to learn, the skills are just harder for some.

Why did you become a coach?

Honestly, my AD asked me to do it. I didn't volunteer, but I really do enjoy coaching the girls.

What value/idea is most important to you as a coach?

Practice like you are playing your match. You have to put the time and effort in if you want to play well.

Did you play any sports in high school, if so, how has that impacted your coaching techniques today?

I played high school tennis, but I never played singles, I only played doubles.

- Spotlight written by Amanda Burghduff, Waukee APEX Associate

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