The Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union is grateful to its partner organizations for their investment in and commitment to student-athletes and communities across the state of Iowa. This featured blog series will highlight our partners and showcase why they invest in the IGHSAU, how they are supporting Iowans during this difficult time and words of encouragement for the Iowa Girl. We will also share ways in which you, the reader, can in turn support these businesses and organizations in return as a way thank them for their investment in the IGHSAU.

Catch Des Moines

Contact: Mandy McWherter

Phone: 515-971-6155

E-mail: [email protected]


Why does Catch Des Moines support the IGHSAU and the Iowa Girl?

Greater Des Moines is proud to host many IGHSAU events and tournaments and we feel is important to support the Iowa Girl because these young women will shape our world and community in the future. The more we can show them support for their hard work and effort in their individual sports, the better our community will be.

How is Catch Des Moines supporting Iowa communities during this time?

It's vitally important that we support our small business community during this challenging time. Restaurants, attractions, arts and cultural organizations, and small retailers are especially in need of our help, which is why Catch Des Moines has created many resources, and we're collaborating on efforts to communicate ways to preserve and protect our vibrant Greater Des Moines culture.

We've been busy leading many efforts to encourage the community to support local including recording a public service announcement shown on several local TV stations and launching a new Support Local Resource Hub full of resources for small businesses, meeting planners, public health and blog posts featuring Catch Des Moines partners. We also launched a new “Des Good News” newsletter to highlight inspirational stories of individuals, groups, and organizations helping others in Greater Des Moines.

Along with the Greater Des Moines Partnership, we’re proud to champion the DSM Local Challenge and Bingo Contest. The DSM Local Challenge is an initiative encouraging the community to share on social media how they’re supporting local business and tag three friends to do the same. The #DSMlocalchallenge has been a huge success already, amassing over 25M impressions and tens of thousands of shares across social media with many local celebrities like Governor Reynolds and metro media personalities jumping on board.

Catch Des Moines recently released a new 30-second public service announcement called “Memories.” It’s a message of hope and resilience, designed to remind the community of the power of our memories from travel and event experiences. When travel resumes, our memories and the human connection we make when we gather with others will be cherished more than ever before. View the video on social media @catchdesmoines and please share using #CATCHdsm.

How can the IGHSAU community support Catch Des Moines?

Check out for regular updates and please engage with the #DSMLocalChallenge on social media. Let’s keep the momentum building to preserve and protect our vibrant culture. Use #CATCHdsmlocal to share stories of Iowans helping others.

Words of Encouragement to the IGHSAU community and the Iowa Girl

There is no doubt we have all been upended by this situation and its wide-reaching impact. What’s important right now, is that we listen, work together, show compassion, have empathy, and unify to support the community and preserve and protect our vibrant culture.

We're all anxious to get back to our normal routines of socializing with our friends, family and neighbors, and once the gathering restrictions are lifted, we'll all be ready to be entertained and experience the great culture of our region again.

For now, keep dreaming about your next experience. Dream of where you want to travel next. We may not know exactly when, but we will come out on the other side.