The Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union is grateful to its partner organizations for their investment in and commitment to student-athletes and communities across the state of Iowa. This featured blog series will highlight our partners and showcase why they invest in the IGHSAU, how they are supporting Iowans during this difficult time and words of encouragement for the Iowa Girl. We will also share ways in which you, the reader, can in turn support these businesses and organizations in return as a way thank them for their investment in the IGHSAU.

Premier Athlete Training

Contact: Ben Durbin

Phone: (563) 210-9473

E-mail: [email protected]


Why does Premier Athlete Training support the IGHSAU and the Iowa Girl?

We are proud to align ourselves with the IGHSAU. An organization that over the years has shown a devotion to providing countless positive opportunities for the Iowa Girl.

How is Premier Athlete Training supporting Iowa communities during this time?

We are currently providing research based In-home body weight strength and conditioning programs for coaches and athletes all around Iowa. Designed to be performed In-home or anywhere with limited or no equipment. All our our training regimens are linked with a Premier video demonstration, coaching cues, and sports science explanations for each exercise.

What else should the IGHSAU community know about Premier Athlete Training?

A leader in strength and conditioning, Premier Athlete Training provides age appropriate research based services and programming for over 1,000 coaches and athletes each week including; Olympic, professional, collegiate, high school and middle school. With the mission of providing a positive uplifting resource for all to reach their full potential.

How can the IGHSAU community support Premier Athlete Training?

Follow Premier Athlete Training on social media and utilize our training tip videos while at home. We hope to welcome you all to our facility in Ames once things return to normal.

Words of Encouragement to the IGHSAU community and the Iowa Girl

Iowa Girl, we are with you every step of the way! We’re proud to be with you now during these tough times where you have shown to be tough and resilient. Furthermore we will continue to support you into the promising future of Iowa girls athletics.