Games are beginning this week!  IGHSAU pre-season rankings will be posted later this week!  As the first couple of weeks of basketball have begun, the following will hopefully provide some clarification and information on a number of topics:

E-MAIL ADDRESSES: AD's, please make sure that your head girls' basketball coach has received this e-mail, and head girls' basketball coach, make sure your AD has received this e-mail.  Please send me the name of the Coach/AD who has not received this e-mail along with the name of the school they are with along with the e-mail they want me to enter into the database.

The final classification for girl’s basketball has been posted on the IGHSAU website. As you know these classifications are used for the post-season regional assignments.  If your school is not listed or not listed correctly, please contact me at the IGHSAU.

If your school is interested in hosting post-season games, please remember to submit your request to host on Bound – basketball site availability.  Please be accurate on requested info.

Some questions have been asked if all varsity girls basketball teams are required to post the games on Bound. As noted below this year the following procedure will be used:

  • Last year, the IGHSAU implemented a “state-wide” pool with HUDL for those schools who already had been using HUDL for film exchange. The IGHSAU received positive feedback about the “state-wide pool” but not all schools desired to purchase the HUDL feature.  Schools wishing to use HUDL for film exchange may continue to do so – this aspect is not required to have a state-wide pool though.  If your school is not using HUDL, another form of film exchange must occur with schools – contact the schools and make arrangements for the film exchange.

Shot clock guidelines and video is posted on the IGHSAU website in the Coaches and Administrators basketball section

The IGHSAU and the IHSAA have provided a document that states “Shot Clock Situations and Scenarios” for the officials, coaches, and shot clock operators. These are also posted on the IGHSAU website – Coaches and Administrators – basketball or click here for the situations.

For non-varsity games in which the host wishes to use a shot clock, the following is the required process:

  • Contact the visiting team and mutually agree for the shot clock to be used-many conferences will have specific guidelines for non-varsity games.
  • If mutually agreed, home team will contact the officials to inform them that a shot clock will be used.
  • Home team will have a shot clock operator for the game with a posted Shot Clock Guidelines on the scoretable.
  • If the shot clock is used, the shot clock must be used for the complete game.

If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected].  Have a great season!
Gary Ross, Associate Director/ Basketball Administrator