Who can apply for credentials? The Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union’s Board of Directors adopted the following policy regarding media credentials: “The Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union shall grant, at the discretion of management, media access credentials for its state championship events to radio, television, print and on-line media to those organizations or companies which routinely provide coverage during regular season play for either teams or individuals which are participating in the tournament, or which regularly offer general coverage of the sport. The number of credentials issued to each organization or company shall be held to the discretion of management. Private talent evaluators, scouting services, etc. shall not be granted access to area of any venues restricted for media access.” Applying for Credentials: For those requesting media credentials, please download the following document by clicking here and  return it to Monte Wilson at [email protected] Please let Monte know the individuals that will be representing your organization and what team(s) you are following.  If you are broadcasting a game we need to know if you will be broadcasting via a phone line, if you are sharing a line with another station or if you are broadcasting via cell phone. This helps us with our seat assignments. The deadline for requesting credentials is 4:30 pm Thursday, Feb. 23. Access to the media area or media-level seat is not guaranteed after this deadline. High School Newspaper and Yearbook Staffs: School/Student publications must email their requests to Monte Wilson at [email protected] by 4:30 p.m. Thursday, February 23. NOTE TO MEDIA MEMBERS THAT HAVE THE IGHSAU ALL-TOURNAMENT STATE PASS: Although you have credentials for IGHSAU state tournaments, we still need to know who is covering the tournament for seating assignment purposes. Please e-mail Monte with your credential information. Picking Up Your Credentials: NO CREDENTIALS WILL BE MAILED. All media that have applied for credentials can obtain their passes and information at the northwest media entrance door to Well Fargo Arena. THIS IS THE ONLY ARENA ENTRANCE FOR MEDIA. Monte will staff the media entrance and provide a packet that will include your media pass. The media entrance will be open at least 90 minutes before the first session each day. Be prepared to show photo identification at this entrance point. If you did not request credentials as outlined above, you will be required to purchase an admission ticket at the southwest corner of the arena. If space remains available, you will then be issued a credential at the northwest media area. Exchanging Credentials: For media with single day passes (i.e., media covering selected teams, rather than each session of the event) – the Athletic Union reserves the right to limit the total number of credentials to no more than two. In addition, credentials for subsequent days (if the team you are covering wins) must be exchanged by seeing Monte at the northwest media entrance on the day your team plays its next game. We will not issue credentials in advance. Media Seating: All media will be seated at floor level during the Girls State Basketball Tournament. This is a secure, pass-only area. There is no spectator seating at floor level. NO CHILDREN WILL BE PERMITTED ACCESS TO THE FLOOR LEVEL. Media will be seated on two rows opposite the team benches. The second row will have risers. Again, as the floor area is a secure area, it is imperative that media credentials be visually displayed at ALL times. Media Workroom: Adjacent to the media entrance is an elevator which will take you directly to the media work and interview rooms, located off the northwest end of the arena floor. The media room has both secure wireless and ethernet accessibility. As in the past – box scores will be available during the tournament in the media workroom. We will also have box scores and short summary stories posted online on the IGHSAU website. It is recommended that all media bring extra equipment such as extension cords and cables as they will not be provided by the IGHSAU or Wells Fargo Arena. Interview Room: Adjacent to the media work we will have an interview room. Following each game, teams are given a 5-minute cooling off period in their locker rooms.  At that point, the head coach and three players will report to the interview room to answer requests for interviews from the media. I will be asking media for their input regarding the players needed for post game interviews.. Ordering phone lines at Well Fargo Arena: If you are planning on using a phone line to broadcast tournament games, please contact Julie Swanson at the Iowa Events Center (515/564-8036) or e-mail  [email protected]. Phone lines are $175. Once you know that the team you are covering has qualified, please call Julie ASAP and download the Iowa Events Center Order Form. NOTE: There will no longer be individual phone lines installed at Wells-Fargo Arena. There will be a bank of phone lines installed along radio row. However, radio stations must contact Julie at Wells-Fargo in advance of the tournament to arrange for payment to use these phone lines. Parking: A limited number of parking spaces for the media are located in the large lot north of Veterans Auditorium (use the Third Street exit). Officials will reserve some spaces in the southeast section of that lot (closest to the media entrance) until 15 minutes before the first session of each day, or until full, whichever comes first. Your outlet’s identification, INA or Iowa Broadcasters Card and the $7.00 parking fee will allow access if parking is available. Please don’t hesitate to call (515-288-9741) or e-mail ([email protected]) if you have any further questions.

Radio/Streaming Information

Radio Stations: Radio stations will be allowed to originate a live broadcast of an IGHSAU Iowa High School State Tournament/Playoff/Championship/ Event/Meet for the following rights fees. Basketball – $150.00 per game. BROADCASTING INFORMATION – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY LIVE AUDIO STREAMING, AUDIO ARCHIVING OR DELAYED AUDIO REPLAY OF THE BROADCAST IS ALLOWED. Specialized radio or television broadcasts or acquiring content for live or delayed broadcasts may be subject to a rights fee charge. There is no charge for live updates of an IGHSAU Iowa High School State Tournament/Playoff/Championship/Event. A live update is a broadcast from a station representative with press credentials that takes no longer than five minutes per hour and does not include “play by play” coverage during the update ALL CHECKS SHOULD BE MADE PAYABLE TO THE IOWA GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC UNION (IGHSAU) AND MUST BE PRESENTED WHEN PICKING UP YOUR MEDIA CREDENTIALS. Thanks to everyone for their continued support and coverage of the Iowa Girl. Please don't hesitate to let Monte and me know if there is any way we can help you out during State Tournament week. We look forward to seeing all of you at Wells Fargo Arena. Jason Eslinger