State Tournament Dates and Locations

The IGHSAU State Singles and Doubles Tennis Tournament dates are as follows:

The IGHSAU State Team Tournament dates are as follows:

  • Class 1A: May 18/20 (home sites) and May 29 (Waterloo, Byrnes Park)
  • Class 2A: May 18 (home sites) and May 29 (Waukee Northwest High School)

Regional Tennis Information

Class 1A & 2A Regional Team Brackets 
Class 1A Singles & Doubles Team Assignments

Class 2A Singles & Doubles Team Assignments

State Coed Tennis Results

2A State Coed Results

1A State Coed Results

State Tennis Tickets, Programs, and Apparel

Individual and Team State Tennis Tickets

State Tennis programs will be available for $5 (cash only) at all team and individual tennis sites.

State Tennis Tournament Apparel

Driving Directions

Driving Directions to Class 1A Singles and Doubles Meet at University of Iowa Tennis Complex
Driving Directions to Class 2A Singles and Doubles at Johnston High School
Driving Directions to Class 1A Team Meet at Waterloo’s Byrnes Park 
Driving Directions to Class 2A Team Meet at Waukee Northwest High School (Make sure to turn on Stratford Drive to reach Tennis Center)

Iowa City Parking Directions

DO Park in: 

Metered lots adjacent to HTRC: Payment is required between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Here is the link to the parking app: This link is also available onsite.    

  • There are only 5 spots that still take coins.
  • Student Lot adjacent east of HTRC (Free) 
  • Rec Fields Lot located north of HTRC along Hawkeye Park Road. PLEASE USE EAST side of the lot only due to construction on the west side. This parking is free, but it's a longer walk.

DO NOT Park in:

  • Lot 35 adjacent East of HTRC
  • Permit lots surrounding the area
  • Sports Medicine Lot or Hall of Fame Lot

State Tennis Hotels and Accommodations

Iowa City Hotels and Accommodations

Regional Hosts

Regional Singles and Doubles Tennis Hosts Information

Regional Team Tennis Hosts Information

Tennis Updates - Scoring and Inclement Weather

2024 Tennis Manual

Regional Team Tennis Reminders